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Addressed to: Amateurs, families, schools and parent organizations, and professionals

Schedule: Any month of the year. Depending on the season, it will be easier or tougher to find the tracks.

Location:  Within Osona

Duration: One whole morning

Equipment: Good footwear, breakfast, tracking and mammal footprint guide (not indispensable)

Minimum of people required: From 10 to 20 people


One must pay a lot of attention in order to discover tha hundreds of signs, footprints and tracks that show us our fauna.

We will specify a meeting point, where we are going to explain what we may observe along the way: excrements, footprints, feathers or hairs, trails… The tracks, footprints and signs that we find, will let us identify the animals that live in our natural heritage, will also let us know about their behavior, habits and feeding.

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