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Addressed to: Amateurs, families, professionals and experts

Schedule: January to March

Location:  Variable

Duration: 3 hours

Equipment: Good footwear, birdwatching guide and binoculars (both not indispensable)

Minimum of people required: From 12 to 15 people


The aim of this activity is to detect and identify the main birds of prey that live in our country: The Common Buzzard, the Common Kestrel, the Falcon…

The activity will start early in the morning. We will explain about the different species that we will see and hear at the meeting point. Then, we will follow an itinerary where we’ll find hides and middens. We’ll follow a route which allows the best observation of these species.

With the help of the binoculars and the ornithological guides we’ll get closer to this species and we’ll be able to classify them, and determinate their gender and age.

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