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Addressed to: Amateurs, families, professionals and experts

Schedule: January to March

Location:  Within Osona

Duration: 3,5-4 hours

Equipment: Good footwear, birdwatching guide (not indispensable) and a torch

Minimum of people required: From 8 to 12 people


There is plenty of animal activity at night time in our forests. The barn owl, the little owl, the long-eared owl… make this time of the day a fascinating and mysterious time for many people.

The activity will be take place in the evening-night. At the meeting point, we will explain about the different species that we can find and also about their sounds. In order to see as many birds as possible, the route will visit the areas where there are more nests of the different species. With the help of a guidebook we’ll be able to identify them and find out their gender.

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